Limited Edition Canadian Military Police Commemorative Watch
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To show your pride in the Branch and its proud history, we offer a Limited Edition 75th anniversary Canadian Military Police Branch watch. The cost to you is only $80.00 plus applicable postage.

The watch is being sold far below its retail value of approximately $200.00.

This limited edition commemorative timepiece will make an excellent gift.

Wherever Canadian Military Police are stationed, they will hold true to their mission. For it has never changed.

From 1940 to 2015… In peace and in war. Securitas. Always.

The Limited Edition Canadian Military Police Commemorative Watch 

Available Design Features: 

  • Watch is made with Seiko movements.
  • Polished, Stainless Steel. 
  • Black face with Canadian Military Police in Gold
  • 75th Anniversary Crest engraved on the case back.
  • 24k, raised gold plating on its face.
  • Exquisite alligator-style leather strap in black.
  • Comes in a Custom embossed velveteen collector’s box


  • Item #: KS-475

Limited Edition Canadian Military Police Commemorative Watch

Price: C$200.00
Sale Price: C$80.00
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