CFNCIU Unit Crest - Silicone Window Box
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New and Unique - The CFNCIU Unit Crest in pewter which can be mounted in a silicone window box.

The pewter plaque is available in Silver (no paint)  and it measures 7" by 7" and looks great on a desk or hanging on a wall.

There is sufficient room at the bottom for an engrave plaque or it can be placed inside with the crest as the box is easily opened for access.  

As the window box can be mounted in various positions, We do not mount the crest in the box as we leave it up to the purchaser to decide how they want to have the crest mounted in the window box.

A great gift to give to someone departing or as a gift to a visiting individual or group.

Note: The MP Kit shop does NOT provide any engraving services

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CFNCIU Unit Crest - Silicone Window Box

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